Caldeira a Pellets Greenecotherm Long Time 30 kW

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Caldeira a Pellets Greenecotherm Long Time 30 kW


Hot water pellet boilers Long Time version are modification of the boilers Pelletherm V.4. They are designed for heating of residential and business premises as well as for heating of domestic hot water.
The boiler is equipped with: automated mechanical self-cleaning pellet burner GP xx sc; fuel transport auger; cleaning set.

•Innovative automatic cleaning of the burner combustion chamber by mechanical scrapping of the grate without stopping of the working process.
•Possibility for adjusting of parameters for the cleaning – number of moves and time between two cleanings
•High comfort at operation thanks tо the increased capacity of the ashtray – 33 l. And can be emptied after burning of 1000 kg wooden pellets with quality ENplus-A1
•Possibility for combustion of wood pellets with diameter of 6-8 mm even with low quality (high ash content), which is not possible with burners with air cleaning
•Ability to choose between 4 types of settings depending on the quality of consumed pellets at stable efficiency and emissions. By changing of the fuel quality the user can choose the type of setting and to adjust high quality combustion without the need of service assistance
•Five levels of modulation of the capacity with quick access, which can be changed by the user
•Components from reliable European manufacturers. The combustion chamber is made of special heat-resistant steel, ensuring long operational period
•Automatic self-adjustment according to the productivity of the fuel transport auger and the calorific value of the fuel
•Possibility to control water pump and accumulating tank
•Possibility for regulation of the boiler with room thermostat (weekly programmer)
•Possibility for regulation of the capacity in wide range
•Special measures to increase the reliability and the safety of the unit
•Easier service due to the function “LOG – alarm history”
•Covering the most stringent requirements of European standards and regulations (EN 303-5:2012)
•Simplified installing and easily maintenance during operation, cleaning and service
•Low running costs
•Possibility to select the pellet burner position – on the left or on the right side of the boiler
•Possibility for start and stop using of GSM module (an option)


Descrição do Produto

Caldeira a Pellets Greenecotherm Mario Long Time 30 kW

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Peso 361 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 77.5 x 107.5 x 132.5 cm