Caldeira Bisolid Saver C Lenha ou Pellets 35 kW

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Caldeira Bisolid Saver C Lenha ou Pellets 35 kW


Boilers BISOLID SAVER C are equipped with an additional front door, pellet burner and control panel. The switching from wood to pellets and vice versa is very quick (in less than one minute). BISOLID burners utilize wood pellets Ø 6-8 mm, class EN plus A1.
The higher efficiency than competitive solid fuel boilers is achieved thanks to the steel, three-pass heat exchanger, ending with two tube bundles (larger heat exchange area).

-The boilers BISOLID SAVER C can utilize wood logs with length 400 mm as well as certain types of agro wastes – wood residues from forestry and agricultural activity (fruit tree twigs and other brushwood, maize, sunflower cobs, vine twigs), industrial wood waste (bark, cuttings), construction wood waste and briquettes
-The space for filling with fuel is increased, ensuring a long operating time between two consecutive refuels.
-Standard equipped with thermo valve for automated control of the combustion air, ensuring maximum utilization of the fuel, economical operation and regulation of the heat output in a wide range
-Extremely convenient for installation, operation and maintenance
-Easy installing , maintenance and service
-Pellet burners BISOLID are fully automated – ignition, flame monitoring, blowing the combustion chamber. They have an intuitive LCD display for easy operation
-The automatic setting of the air and fuel according to the user’s chosen temperature provides high efficiency of the facility at minimum fuel consumption
-The combustion chamber heat-resistant steel ensures reliable and long-term operation
-The automatic modulation of the combustion process reduces the number of stops and ignitions, respectively reduces the fuel and electricity consumption
-Possibility to adjust the temperature of the heat carrier in a wide range
-Possibility for operation with a room thermostat and weekly programmer
-Controlling of circulation pump according to the heat carrier temperature
-Quiet operation and low consumption of electricity
-Possibility to control flue gas fan, which eliminates the problem with the draught of the chimney and guaranties the safety work of the unit
-Back fire protection as well as protection against freezing of the heat carrier
-Possibility for start and stop using of GSM module (this is an option)


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Bisolid Saver Lenha e Pellets